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Disapar seeks for innovative products, specialist suppliers, skilled employees and the best cost-benefit for customers.

When seeking innovation, we want to consolidate all the technical knowledge we have, to make the best choice with the suppliers support. Our search for solutions is based on knowledge. So we also monitor pre and post-sales, through technical support and training - our differentials. Part of the daily efforts are going beyond what we have to find the product which best adapt to our customers, directly meeting the needs of their work.

is about:
Our business:

Industrial suppliers technology.

We exist for:

Exceed customer expectations with technology in industrial supplies.

We wish:

To provide solutions that improve lives.

We believe in:

Innovation, attitude, responsiveness, empathy and resilience.

Social Responsibility

Our quest in providing solutions that improve lives makes us understand that we must act more and align our development proposals to the society and community needs where we operate. We practice a transparent and ethical management and, as distributors, we seek responsible suppliers.

Our internal actions are geared to the corporate culture and our employees, to be more efficient and effective, and include: operating standards, training, aid for study, organizational climate survey, participative management and valuation activities.

External social activities are mainly related to what and how we produce waste. So we do the proper disposal of recyclable material and assist the NGO Verde Vida.

We are always learning and we believe that everyone can contribute to the collective well-being.