A successful
path recognised


Ideas are born from needs. To find the solution, it takes dedication. The creation of a company has a lot of personal and professional upgrading. It takes commitment to meet the demands and also overcome all the challenges that had not been thought.

During the 80s, Brazil dreamed about political and economy democracy, containing inflation, as military dictatorship and Sarney's monetary plan were ending. In this period, the perception of a growth possibility made us to meet an investment that would be a resolution. We created Disapar Industrial Supply to meet the demand of the West of Santa Catarina for quality products and services. First in the Automotive Paints, Tools and Fasteners area - and, later, with Personal Protective Equipment, Machinery and Equipment, Weld and Abrasive - besides many other products ranked in our six segments.

Since 1990, when we started Disapar, we put the needs of the customer first. Today, 31 years later, we are proud of being here and able to tell a story of growth and overcome with employees, suppliers and customers.


Over the years, Disapar Industrial Supplies changed many procedures, adapted to the demands as suppliers, customers and Federal Government national policies' requests. And following in transformation to disclose the new processes and invovações.

Brand Evolution

The first Disapar brand recalls the origin of the company. When the partners João Ricardo Pan, from Chapecó, and Osmar Michelon, from Cascavel, founded the company, the symbol was the union of the letters D, from distribution, and C, from Cascavel and Chapecó.

Now, after the brand redesign and the company dissolution, the symbol approaches the alpha letter of the Greek alphabet.